Alessi Tuning Machines

Handcrafted tuning machines


ALESSI Tuning Machines are created out of a combination of love and knowledge: on the one hand a passion for the classical guitar and, on the other, more than 30 years experience as an industrial designer. By these influences, finally handcrafted tuning machines are produced which combine elegance with precision performance.


ALESSI makes tuning machines for the classical guitar and other stringed instruments. These are available in both limited edition and with a huge variety of options available for customisation.

All component parts are produced using high-precision machine tools and are assembled with meticulous hand craftsmanship. The premium quality of the materials used, and the fine tolerances of the machining and hand assembly, guarrantee reliability, precise operation and durability.

Tuning machines are more than accessories to the instrument.

They are an integral part of the guitar's overall performance - indeed, after the strings themselves, they are the part most often touched by the player! Their performance must be faultless.

ALESSI Tuning Machines combine faultless performance with consummate aesthetic beauty.